Selected by Sesamers is the curated event guide for professionals.

Industry events have never been easy to navigate. Adding fuel to the fire with the recent shift to online events, it's never been harder to build a strong network.

Selected by Sesamers is not a directory or the largest database of professional events in the world. It's better than that. We select the best conferences, fairs and meetups to give you an edge on your competition. We’ll inform you why they matter, why you should (virtually and someday physically) be there, and what happened.

For only 10€/month our paid membership includes:

  • Our continually updated API fed event calendars (Google, Outlook and Apple)
  • Our exclusive weekly rundown of what’s what in this calendar. We’ll also be sending some juicy industry trends news, discussions, etc.
  • Additional perks including invite-only events, discounts, etc.

Right now, we're operating 2 weekly newsletters: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. We’ll soon expand into new areas such as Sustainability, Mobility, Deep Tech, Energy or Entertainment.

Our free tier gives you access to insider insights such as event factsheets and a monthly update on what's hot in the industry.


Selected by Sesamers is published by Startup Sesame, a Paris-based team of specialists in the fields of innovation and business events.

Based on our extensive experience with thousands of founders, investors, corporates, sponsors, speakers and event organizers, we noticed that there were a large number of unanswered questions and needs when it comes to professional events. Or at least 50 different answers to the same basic question. To help alleviate this confusion and promote greater efficiency, we’ve carefully observed, tested, and reviewed a series of best practices, internally referring to this project as “The Playbook”.

Three years of experience, testing, failing, and succeeding has led us to refining The Playbook into a powerful API that drives the world’s first Event Relationship Management platform built specifically for attendees: Sesamers.

We realized that we’d built something so powerful for events that we shouldn’t be the only ones to benefit from this and the entire ecosystem should have access. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now!


Recognizing the vital need and tremendous potential of this project, Startup Sesame founder Ben Costantini assembled a special task force to realize this vision.

Given the time sensitive nature of this vision, we made the decision to put our API to work and have launched the PRO event guide, Selected by Sesamers. The Sesamers platform is now in private beta and will be launched in 2021.

Our Operations Manager Christina comes from the financial services industry, and has been on both sides of the event stage a number of times. Lira has experience in sales, marketing, and B2B communication tools within the event industry. And rounding out the team, Dan has been a member of the event industry for over nine years, primarily as a photographer, and a keen observer of what’s happening both backstage and in the front of house.

Thanks to the tireless work of our developers Vincent and Théo, Selected by Sesamers has gone from written documents, and in some cases, cocktail napkins, to a functioning platform. A product that’s constantly in iteration, and without their support, none of this would be possible.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Dan Taylor (aka Dante L’or)
  • Staff: Ben Costantini, Christina Melkonian & Lira Mussakulova
  • Contributors: Joanna Kirk (Startup Sesame), Nicolas Christou (INKEF Capital), Lubomila Jordanova (Plan.A Earth), Polina Yunda (Dsight), Faten Aissi (Flat6Labs) & Jana Saastamoinen (Startup Day), amongst many others...


Sesamers is the first Event Relationship Management platform built for attendees, by attendees.

Our event calendars and articles are powered by our own in-house built API. These tools will help you grow your business before, during, and after events, both online and off.

We’re working day and night to get this ship ready to sail, and have just a few more boxes to tick before she’s seaworthy.

In the meantime, we’re offering you a glimpse into your productive future with:

  • 600 upcoming events reviewed by our analysts and synchronized to specifically curated calendars
  • A growing database of over 2,000 events, including conference sessions, side events, exhibitors and speakers
  • A schedule builder (that actually makes sense)
  • Integrations with your favorite CRM, calendar(s) and other tools.

At Sesamers, we’re building tomorrow’s software that empowers attendees today.

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