Amsterdam AI Summit 2023

Tess Lawrence
Tess Lawrence
Amsterdam AI Summit 2023

The Amsterdam AI Summit will cover all grounds to ensure you leave fully confident and secure in the use of AI, and how it can be implemented within your overall business strategy.

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Partners: Intel & Nvidia
Speakers: 60
Tracks: 2

Key topics

  • Enterprise stage - The Enterprise AI Summit brings together senior-level business executives and data practitioners to explore AI applications in the real-world to transform your ROI, increase efficiencies and ensure scalability.
  • Deep Learning stage - Bridging the gap between the latest technological research advancements and real-world applications in business and society.
  • Discover emerging trends - The summit will showcase the opportunities for advancing trends in deep learning and their practical, real-life impact. Learn the latest technological advancements & industry trends from a global line-up of experts.
  • Transformation & application - Hear real-word case studies, business insights, and lessons learned from leaders in innovation, technology, and integration to discover the best strategies, tools & methods for tapping into the potential of AI in the enterprise across industries such as transportation, manufacturing, retail, finance, logistics, healthcare, & cybersecurity.

Practical information

Date: February 8-9, 2023
Location: Amsterdam - TBC
‌‌‌HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands
‌‌‌Language: English

Registration (395€ - 2,195€)

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