AutomationSTAR Conference

Vanessa Cheng
Vanessa Cheng
AutomationSTAR Conference

This is a 2 days conference focused on automation in testing. Come together with automation engineers, developers and software testers from 19 countries. Learn from 20+ automation experts and connect with test tool providers. Join this event and get actionable takeaways for your projects!

#software #development #SaaS #coding


  • Build Connections - It’s a diverse community bursting with creativity – jump in & let’s put our heads together
  • Ready, Set, Test - Start implementing new practices and ideas as soon as you are back at work
  • Expert Knowledge - 25 speakers bringing you in-depth knowledge on everything automation
  • Ace your Automation - Increase your test coverage, scalability, improve processes, and lots more

Practical information

Date: October 17 - 18, 2022
Location: Hilton Munich Park, Munich, Germany
Language: English

Registration (900€-1350€)

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