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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Kicking off the new year with more interesting articles on web3, crypto, deeptech, key consumer predictions & the 2022 event trends report!


Trading the metagame

"Participating in crypto markets during the thrill stages of a bull-run is isomorphically more similar to playing a modern video game than it is to investing. Most competitive modern video games have an ever-evolving metagame. The metagame can be described as subset of the game’s basic strategy and rules which is required to play the game at a high level... Usually, metagames start with a long-term investment thesis transitioning to popularity, and end in mimetic exuberance."

The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content

"Another benefit beyond patronage and investment is membership to a like-minded group of individuals. Many successful crowdfunds and NFT sales in the crypto space have been driven by users’ desire to belong to a community, which are gated by ownership of tokens. This echoes a phenomenon I wrote about in 100 True Fans: 'People are willing to pay high prices for exclusive, differentiated content and access to a network of like-minded individuals.'”

You can collect this post as an NFT on Mirror here.

State of Decentralized Social #2

"Gradually, then suddenly. That's how it's felt to be involved with the decentralized social movement the past few months. Now, more than ever, it feels like we are at an inflection point, with the dominance of a new disruptive category right around the corner: The Decentralized Social category. In this post, we'll reflect on everything that's happened in the Decentralized Social space, and show you why the 'flippening' of traditional social media companies (‘TradSo’) in favor of blockchain-based solutions like DeSo may happen much sooner than most anticipate."

Speakezee DAO: web3 Podcast Directory

"gm friends☀️"


Lessons Learned from SOSV’s 400 Deep Tech Investments

"Currently, SOSV invests $250,000 to $500,000 at stage pre-seed in about 100 new deep tech companies each year through the HAX and IndieBio programs. SOSV continues to invest in those companies through series seed, A and beyond through its core fund and a new Select Fund, which SOSV announced this year."


Consumer Predictions for 2022

"Secondary to the broader trend from game mechanics going mainstream, I predict that digital identity is going to undergo a massive shift in 2022. Instead of presenting ourselves as mirrors of our in-person selves, our digital identities will increasingly reflect our digital presence. What does this mean? We won’t just be replacing our Twitter bios with our favorite NFT avatar. Our 'avatars' or digital representations will be linked to a history of our achievements and existence on online platforms, from DAO contributions to early membership in creator communities to attendance at online events... Because web3 offers infrastructure for digital identity instead of physical identity, we will increasingly come to trust and place value on digital identity versus physical identity."


"We need to think about events less as 'one and done' and more as an evergreen and evolving mission."

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