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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Dropping Elonbombs & wondering whether the EU can (actually) win Web3?


The Elondrop

"In short, Elon runs the first truly global political campaign, gaining an activist following in every country, incentivizing people and policymakers alike to Align with Elon for global freedom and prosperity. Any establishment attempt to oppose this will be seen for what it is: a ploy to digitally disenfranchise the users of Twitter, to stop them from gaining a share of the wealth they've created, to take away the following they've built, to buttress an illegitimate regime that survives only by silencing its subjects.

Elon thus takes a position of total moral authority: he proposes to give billions to millions, to give voices to the masses, to decentralize Twitter to its users, to turn it into the protocol it was always meant to be.

And if he doesn't do this? The American authorities may just take it all away."

How can the EU win Web3? Ledger's 4 Recommendations for EU Policy Makers

"We appeal to policymakers to not give in to fear or seek comfort in ever greater government controls, but instead to trust in the goodness of citizens and to empower them to make their own decisions. Regulation is often the easiest answer, even if it makes things worse, but the rewards of a truly free and open society are manifold and too great to ignore."

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