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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

ICYMI: SEO is OUT, LinkedIn is IN and apparently there even exists such a thing as a "luck surface area."


Forget SEO: Why ‘AI Engine Optimization’ may be the future

"Unlike SEO, AI Engine Optimization is not about waiting for a crawler to come to a website. Now, marketers will likely want two things, he explained. One is to create an API that feeds in real-time information to foundational models."


The Art & Science of Luck

"When choosing between two paths, always choose the path that has a larger luck surface area. Ask yourself: Which of the two paths is more likely to lead to me getting lucky? Act accordingly."


Building a Practical Strategy With the Whole Team

"Teams (and solo founders) are 10x more effective when everyone is coordinated on clear, self-consistent strategic decisions explaining how the company will win. But academic strategy templates with buzzword-laden “visions” and SWOTs are neither inspiring nor effective, and everyone is too busy running the business to set aside three months to build an 80-page strategy. This talk shows a new, straightforward technique that engages everyone at the company to construct a complete strategy that works in the real world."


Sorry, But LinkedIn Is Cool Now

For social media users looking to engage in some old-fashioned self-promotional posting, LinkedIn is the only place left. 'On Instagram or TikTok there’s more frustration, because what worked more than a year ago, or even six months ago, that got success and got tons of eyeballs doesn’t today,' says Rezvani. 'There’s more of a steadiness with LinkedIn.'"

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