Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Culture + gaming + science; what's not to love?


The cost of Zoom

"An often overlooked ingredient in the secret sauce of collaboration is that, in person, team members typically share visual cues from their environment — and each other — that can spur ideas."


Web3 Gaming Is An Evolution, Not A Revolution

"But believing that all of web3 should be revolutionary is a logical fallacy. It proposes a false dichotomy: one way or the other, take it or leave it. When actually, to succeed, many web3 projects must be evolutionary, not revolutionary. They must take the best from the before-times and make it even better. This is especially true of web3 gaming."

The Metaverse: New Study Reveals Surprising Gen Z Insights

"While brands are dipping their toes into different aspects of these emerging spaces, gaming is a unique area to focus on due to the scale of community interactions between real people in this space. This study analyzes gaming behaviors and expressions of self as a window into the attitudes, behaviors, and identities we expect will continue to motivate people to enter into these metaverse community experiences."


Could search engines be fostering some Dunning-Kruger?

"There's a perpetual debate about how much students should be allowed to look up versus what they should be compelled to memorize so that ready knowledge of basic facts can free up mental space for more sophisticated thinking. If the students might be less able to tell the difference between the two than we thought, that fact should probably be taken into account."

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