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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Looking into diversifying workforces while keeping remote work cultures inclusive, along with some data industry figures and creators economy shenaningans.

One of the most efficient ways to build a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture in your company is to start with the purpose of serving a certain type of people. This community-centric approach is now everywhere but it wasn't always the case.

For us, it has always been to help founders succeed at Tech events.

Another critical approach is to facilitate remote work. Again, something a lot more popular nowadays but still hard to implement. Not everyone can afford living in Paris, so hiring here tends to bias towards uniform talent.

Thanks to Suzanne and Dan for suggesting some great pieces.


"Racial and ethnic diversity remains a critical missing piece of the puzzle...There is so much more work to do to ensure those who are writing the checks reflect the world around us"

*All Raise measures the number of decision-makers in venture capital, defined as "checkwriters" who can write checks, lead deals and sit on boards.


2021 CMX Community Industry Report

Building a Community-First Product


Clubhouse 'NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys' Stars Sign With WME (Exclusive)

Getting signed by the world's biggest talent agency

The Content Commodity Trap

The content commodity trap
Content exists on a commodity spectrum. When it’s easy to replicate, you have a problem. When it’s differentiated, it’s a business moat.


GitLab's Guide to All-Remote

GitLab’s Guide to All-Remote
How to work remotely - the GitLab guide


The Continued Evolution Of The Data, Analytics and Insights Industry

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