Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

NFTs, AI, Music, Journalism, Quantum Computing and Management; Variation is abounding this week!


Stop Overcomplicating It: The Simple Guidebook to Upping Your Management Game

"Managers are failing everywhere, and no one is helping."


The Heart Is Not Enough: How the Controversy about a Chat Bot Reveals the Shaky Foundations of Moral Status

"My claim is not that the moral status of technology such as LaMDA depends on the machine’s use of language, but that it is made possible and shaped by our language use: the language we use as humans to talk about the moral status of humans and other entities."


125+ Questions about NFTs Answered

"NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replicated. They are different from traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because they represent a specific unit of ownership rather than acting as a general medium of exchange."

Quantum Computing

Why the Future is Quantum

"Take cryptography, for example: essential to both military and civilian networks, it relies on scrambling data with complex mathematical formulae that would take decades of computer time to crack. Until quantum computers arrive, that is. Luckily, Australian universities have impressive theoretical and experimental expertise in quantum communications technology, including quantum cryptography, which both rely on the spooky properties of quantum mechanics to make communications impossible to decode."


Why today’s music creators are no longer playing the fame game

"Under the traditional streaming model, creators earn low revenue per fan from a mass, but passive, listener base — something few can achieve. By contrast, the ‘creator economy’ model allows artists to earn higher revenue per fan from their biggest supporters — prioritising remuneration over fame."


Reasonable Agreement

"A well-written contract is a thing of beauty — a way for all concerned to concisely and clearly express what they expect of one another. It makes no sense for a contracts lawyer to insist that a clause remain in a contract even though they would 'never invoke it.'"

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