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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

I was lucky to take a week off in Tenerife. Bars and restaurants were open, weather was great and the volcano was bigger than you could imagine.

As Dan Taylor says in the Selected Podcast... aaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back!

In my absence, Dan shared his own reading list and it reminded my how much of a geek he is. And I am. Well, we are two different kind of geeks with a notable overlap... and that's the beauty of the Internet: it allows geekiness to expand to unexpected extremes and connect extreme geeks together.

This week's list (1 book, 11 articles and 1 kickass game 🕹) focuses as usual on a bunch of valuable entrepreneurial resources and dumb investor practices. We also talk product, newsletters and the music industry.

And we're geeking out on science, physics and quantum entanglement.


I got this book recently as I got even more obsessed with quantum mechanics over the winter holidays. It's supposedly one of the most simple way to understand Penrose's work on quantum physics, computer science and AI.

🤓I'm a nerd.



No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees

Because I was burned out and didn’t want to think about working any more than I needed to, I instituted a no-meeting, no-deadline culture. For me, it was no longer about growth at all costs, but “freedom at all costs.”

Why Did I Write An "Annual Report" From The Future?

You can’t just get away with waving your hands and saying, ’that’ll all get figured out..’. You have to do the work, at least at a preliminary level to determine what it is that’ll need to get figured out.

The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2020

From HR to management to personal development and more, this list is jam-packed with tips & tricks to keep kicking ass in 2021 👊

Venture Capital

Absurd Seed Rounds Arguments

A new breed of angel investors and founders started to arise, the funding capacity of institutional investors as well… And in no time the prom night turned into a 24/7 packed club where realities got mixed with signals.


But First, Product: Resources for Product Builders and Leaders

Building great product lives at the intersection of technology, business acumen and user psychology.

Build An App For Your Newsletter Subscribers with Adalo [7 Step NoCode Process]

Especially now, with everyone trying to get into everybody’s inbox, why not look at a different channel?


B2B business events in Europe — A year of tough lessons learned, and a positive outlook for 2021

Above all, it is clear that the need to meet, network and learn from inspirational business figures as part of a tailored experience is here to stay.


What Writers and Editors Do

...what any kind of boundary breaking always does is to draw attention to the boundary itself—in this case between editor and writer, who together with the text form a kind of Bermuda Triangle within whose force field everything said and done disappears without trace.

Newsletters: Is This Progress?

Yet websites are treated as these embarrassing, ugly, ad-riddled things, whilst newsletters have established some kind of prestige for themselves somehow.


Could an Industrial Prehuman Civilization Have Existed on Earth before Ours?

“Then again, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”


How More TikTok Stars Can Succeed in the Music Industry

Music culture is as multi-hyphenate as ever, especially in hip-hop. TikTok’s not going anywhere, so it’s time to make moves.


Play through all the major events of 2020: the Australia wildfires, COVID-19, the stock market crash, quarantine, the rise of TikTok, the US elections, etc.

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