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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

It might be because in-person events are slowly making a comeback in Europe and we're getting excited about the perspective of gathering again in person, but I'm making an exception today.

Normally, my weekly reading list doesn't cover event news that much. We do it elsewhere and I intend to share other bits of interest in this article.

We're also highlighting an interesting piece about how creators can build their own "reality" for their communities. Another article tagged under Internet Culture argues against being a real person online...

Crypto crime, a fascinating and frightening story, beautifully crafted.

And an upcoming illustration book to teach kids about venture capital.


Seed to Harvest: A Simple Explanation of Venture Capital

"Surprisingly, there is little easy-to-understand information on venture capital. Paige Finn Doherty built a community and now an investing practice based on the transparent and easy to understand venture capital content she shared on Twitter (@paigefinnn). Seed to Harvest is the result of her conversations with hundreds of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, angel investors, and kids during the coronavirus pandemic. It was truly a community effort, and Owen Doherty, her brother, illustrated the book in his signature anime style. It's also important to mention - Paige is 22 and Owen is 18."


Clubhouse Hires TED’s Head of Conferences

"For Clubhouse, Stoetzel will lead efforts to recruit 'thoughtful people' including authors, scientists, academics and other creatives to use the app’s interactive audio rooms."

Top Tech Events Join Forces to Promote European Startups and Innovation

Interesting to see that it took the covid crisis to get big Tech events to collaborate like we've been doing with indie Tech events since 2015 #karma


The Rise of “Reality Entrepreneurs”

"If you look at the new online community builders — who are really like CEOs of their companies of 1 — many now have more followers and influencers than traditional media outlets. The technology has given them superpowers. They’re crafting different realities. They are controlling their narrative. This makes community builders new power brokers in society."

Internet Culture

Against being a "real" person online

"The disintegration of online anonymity coincides with a growing desire to commodify digital personhood. Every username, every account has to represent a real person, yet people (mostly young women) are shamed, ostracized, or mocked for inaccurately portraying themselves online, through filters or photo-editing."

Crypto crime

The Unknown Crypto Clues

#TrueStory + raise your hand if you've ever seen ANYthing like this before on the internet...


How Afghanistan’s Gen Z Rappers Feel About US Troops Finally Leaving

"They are students becoming doctors and engineers, who are also juggling jobs to support their families. They are building a hopeful future, while exploring their unapologetic identity in a country whose story has always been told from the outside through the lens of war and U.S. troops."

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