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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

We're bringing you knowledge in spades this week with six interesting and informative articles on everything from AI to infrastructure!


Travel as a Tool: Why You Need to be Global

"Travel can become a great advantage for you career-wise as most people just want to stay where they are due to the comfort of home. It is also one of the most fulfilling and fun things you will ever do in life. So get your passport and get on it!"


The 5 Phases of Figma’s Community-Led Growth: From Stealth to Enterprise

"When it comes to building community, folks tend to treat it as an afterthought, such as an online user group or a few in-person events to tack on later, after they’ve found product/market fit and built up a strong user base. But as Butler tells it, community is what enabled Figma to enter a crowded category and start making waves right away."


Storytelling in Web3–6 NFT examples that reshape brand marketing in different industries

"At the same time, small associations and even individual creators can harness storytelling skills in Web3 to reach new audiences, promote the brand or organizational values, and create a more engaging experience for fans and customers alike."


Spirals of Delusion: How AI Distorts Decision-Making and Makes Dictators More Dangerous

"In policy circles, discussions about artificial intelligence invariably pit China against the United States in a race for technological supremacy. If superior technology is what provides the edge, however, then the United States, with its world-class university system and talented workforce, still has a chance to come out ahead."

Stable Diffusion Public Release

"We have developed an AI-based Safety Classifier included by default in the overall software package. This understands concepts and other factors in generations to remove outputs that may not be desired by the model user."


How Twitter's Child Porn Problem Ruined Its Plans For An OnlyFans Competitor

"In the spring of 2022, Twitter considered making a radical change to the platform. After years of quietly allowing adult content on the service, the company would monetize it. The proposal: give adult content creators the ability to begin selling OnlyFans-style paid subscriptions, with Twitter keeping a share of the revenue."

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