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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

What do Cockatoos have to do with human innovation? How do fast-moving waters and solar-centered designs help your daily life? Read more to find out!


Find The Fast Moving Water

"Technology and markets are like a river. Some parts are running faster, some slower, and some are eddies sending you backward. Currents are created by the technology, market segment, language, distribution channels, teammates, and beliefs in your part of the world."

How to Communicate about Your Deep Tech Startup

"For deep tech entrepreneurs, explaining the complex problems they are solving means tailoring stories to different audiences who have varying levels of familiarity with topics and terminology."


Failure to launch

"Launch House’s pitch for its cohorts is that, by networking and bonding in extremely close quarters for just four weeks, its members will learn skills and make connections that are far more valuable for their careers than what a traditional college degree provides. It’s part of a larger trend in the tech world of augmenting or even circumventing traditional institutions — school, church, a shared workplace — to build knowledge but also community, digitally and IRL."

Climate Change

Solar-Centered Designing: An Eccentric Proposal

"We can think of the internet as a fantastic water-hungry machine4 that distributes and shares information across borders in “real” (computing) time, but when it comes to the experience of information consumption, the printing machine still wins. We invite you to start a micro-revolution on how we consume information and how we relate with knowledge by printing a copy and dancing these words out loud with more people. Ctrl+P to dance."

Social Network

Instagram Stumbles in Push to Mimic TikTok, Internal Documents Show

"Meta has said that Reels, which was launched in the U.S. in August 2020, accounts for a fifth of the time people spend on Instagram, and that the time users spent engaging with Reels on Instagram and Facebook had risen more than 30% during the second quarter."


Is bin-opening in cockatoos leading to an innovation arms race with humans?

"Foraging innovations can give wild animals access to human-derived food sources. If these innovations spread, they can enable adaptive flexibility but also lead to human-wildlife conflicts. Behavioral responses by humans might act as a further driver on animal innovation, even potentially leading to an inter-species ‘innovation arms-race, yet this is almost entirely unexplored."

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