Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Networking and policy can make or break your startup in any industry, and this week we're bringing these insights and more!


"We took a lot of wrong decisions in the past and this year has been a real transition for us. For too long the dev team was working in silos with no real communication with other teams nor a clear roadmap… It was creating a lot of frustrations on all sides."

Venture Capital

Term sheet unlocked

"As early-stage investors, we are usually the first institutional backer of top companies. In that capacity, we often speak and, ultimately, team up with founders who are dealing with many “business firsts”: first cap table, first hires, first launches, and more. Today, let’s focus on another of these firsts: the term sheet."

LinkedIn influencers, a €5bn loan, and the goddess of wisdom: the story of the mystery fund that never delivered

"When it comes to diversity, tech is in the stone age. In Europe, just 1.1% of funding goes to startups led by only women — a percentage that’s actually grown worse in recent years. The VC industry’s systemic bias against women is well-documented."


A Massive LinkedIn Study Reveals Who Actually Helps You Get That Job

"What gives strangers an edge over friends? Granovetter posited that close connections—people in the same circle—largely have the same facts and professional options at their disposal. But people who belong to different communities can offer a whole new set of information and helpful connections."


New Bill Would Bring Back Terrible Software and Genetic Patents

"It’s now been eight years since the Alice Corp. decision, and judges have thrown out hundreds of bad patents that couldn’t stand up to this test. It’s likely that many more bad patents have been abandoned because their owners know they can’t keep using them to threaten people."

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