Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Bangkok hotels, Generative Tech, and epic road trips? Sign us up! This week's list has something for everyone and is teeming with amazing adventures and insights.


The Network Effects Masterclass

"Few understand the hidden complexities of network effects - learn all there is to know about building iconic companies from day one."

Notes on Roadtrips

"All we’re doing here is capturing thoughts and observations from all of you about what we as a group have gotten right so far in creating an environment that’s allowed us to do our best, most inspired work."

Artificial Intelligence

State of AI Report 2022

"AI-driven scientific research continues to lead to breakthroughs, but major methodological errors like data leakage need to be interrogated further. Even though AI breakthroughs in science continue, researchers warn that methodological errors in AI can leak to these disciplines, leading to a growing reproducibility crisis in AI-based science-driven in part by data leakage."

Generative Tech Begins

"Generative Tech is the next step in software. It’s a new level of human-machine partnership. It turns deep learning engines into collaborators to generate new content and ideas nearly like a human would."

Who in the world is Albertina Geller?

"How artificial intelligence is being used to create a whole new kind of online fakery. I've been following a woman around the internet. Turns out she's a deep fake created by AI. And she's not alone."


The True Genius of Tech Leaders

"It turns out that when these guys — almost all guys — talk to each other when no one else is listening, they do what we all do: they bluff, they wheedle, they make stuff up, they reverse course and pretend they haven’t."


First in: The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon hotel review

"A dynamic urban retreat artfully dressed in vibrant hues and playful patterns for adventurous guests craving something different in the Thai capital"

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