Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

A list of critical knowledge for startups, VCs, and remote workers? Yes, please! This week, we've got the info you're not going to want to miss.


Annual Planning in Uncertain Times: 6 Tactics for Rethinking Your Company’s End-of-Year Exercise

"It’s a time to review and reflect on lessons learned from these past 12 months, with the hopes of turning those insights into action for the next plan period."

Investing in Internal Documentation: A Brick-by-Brick Guide for Startups

"Mission-critical knowledge trapped in an early hire’s head is an all-too-common problem that startup engineering orgs know well. But investing in internal documentation is often a chicken-and-egg scenario."

Early-stage startups say no runway, no problem heading into 2023

"Startup funding continues to dwindle and layoffs keep making headlines as 2023 nears. And yet, pre-seed and seed companies don’t seem to be enduring the same state of panic as their more mature startup peers."

Venture Capital

Inside Wealth-Conference Con Man Anthony Ritossa’s Wild Web of Lies

"In the often-alien patois of finance, family offices are easy to understand. They are privately held companies the superrich use to manage their fortunes. As a result, family offices can be prime targets for financial predators."


Conferences want to cure the work-from-home blues

"They see conferences as supplementing their ability to work from home: Hanging out with colleagues and clients in person a few times a year can be enough to carry them through months on end of video calls."

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