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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

What could managers possibly have in common with exciting innovations coming from web3 and science?


The Best Managers Don’t Fix, They Coach — Four Tools to Add to Your Toolkit

"Too often, managers feel the best way to add value is by fixing someone’s problem. 'I know the answer, and I need to tell them,' we say to ourselves. But over-relying on fixing constrains our ability to lead and robs our team members of growth opportunities. As a result, many managers get overwhelmed with responsibilities and burn out. They create a team culture in which they’re expected to have the answers. And their direct reports — instead of utilizing their talents and stretching their problem-solving skills — become dependent on their managers to do their jobs."


Raising Capital as a Pseudonymous Founder

"A pseudonymous (false name in latin) identity can hold equal, if not more, weight to “real” identities for the founders who bear them. Pseudonymous reputations in this space are built over a long period of time and are stripped of conventional signals we lean on to establish credibility: elite colleges, top tier companies, and other proxies. Instead, resources are poured into producing work that can be evaluated more objectively for its intrinsic worth."

The next Supreme will come from the metaverse

"Supreme’s brand power is seemingly so strong that everything it touches turns into gold. Supreme instantly creates collectibles, launches cult objects, justifies high prices and propels products into the domain of intangibles. So does a metaverse-native brand. Just as Supreme hones its cultural and social flex through limited-editions and collaborations, community-building, iconic logo and brand aesthetic, and generative art, the metaverse-native brands like Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks develop their intangible flex through blockchain, digital assets, and PFPs."


Scientists film moment brain makes new memories: Tailor-made microscope shows brains cells of transparent zebrafish 'lighting up like Times Square on NYE' in study which could offer hope for PTSD sufferers

"The study, which mapped the changes in the brain, made the surprising find that making memories appears to create new synapses - connections between neurons -or made them disappear entirely. The widely accepted theory that learning and memories strengthen synapses was not apparent."

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