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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Luckily I've been using an app to manage my newsletter subscriptions and it's only showing the latest 20 editions. No more FOMO when I don't keep up with the latest news. AND I know I can always check back in to find new content for the reading list.

But it's true that this week's list isn't quite a list anymore, it's a Top 3 articles thing.

I wrote about the founder dilemma around content curation earlier this year already. One must read about the industry and save time for lateral thinking when building a business. But when you're grinding, there's no more time for this.

So without any surprise, I only saved 3 articles about entrepreneurship & venture capital. Core focus.

Nothing about quantum physics or neuroscience.

But it's fine. It's September 22, 2021 and we're just opening the gates of Sesamers. Now let's get back to building.

Advice for the Pre-Product/Market Fit Days — This Founder’s Playbook for Pivoting with Purpose

"You must create hilariously aggressive deadlines for yourself, otherwise, you’ll get swept away in unnecessary details that aren’t actually mission-critical. If you’re thinking about color schemes and button widths, your timeline is too long."

Venture Capital

How do you find the next big thing? Ask what technology wants

"According to Kelly, '... this list of exotropic trends can serve as a sort of checklist to help us evaluate new technologies and predict their development.' The more a particular technology expresses and extends these desires, the more inevitable it is. The hint for investors might be to focus on those technologies/themes that are likely to be inevitable."

The Changing Venture Landscape

"A seed round these days is $3–5 million or more! And there is so much money around being thrown at so many entrepreneurs that many firms don’t even care about board seats, governance rights or heaven forbid doing work with the company because that would eat into the VCs time needed to chase 5 more deals. Seed has become an option factory for many. And the truth is that several entrepreneurs prefer it this way."

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