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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

This is the closest to a short & sweet excerpt that you'll get for this week's list because there's just no way to encapsulate all the awesomeness into only one short sentence!


4 Types of Documents Founders Must Have in Their Fundraising Data Room (and a Few Additional Tips)

"One way to build a reference list is by including the contact details (email addresses and phone numbers) of relevant individuals. However, I suggest founders only share names, affiliations, and LinkedIn profiles of references and offer to provide contact details upon request. At any point in time, a founder might have 10 or 20 people going through their data room; if they’re all contacting the same references then people will get frustrated!"

Source: DocSend

Everything you need to know about Mexico’s startup scene

"And now, you may be wondering why you haven’t heard more about Mexico’s startups and VCs. Right?! I wondered that too for a quick minute and then I realized it’s because Mexico is an underestimated market. Yeah, much like there are underestimated founders & GPs, there are also underestimated markets."

Source: GIPHY


The Art of Not Taking Things Personally

"When we encounter emotions and behaviours that don’t make sense to us, it’s often because we don’t have all the information. And in the absence of information, we tend to assume the worst."

Photo by Norbu Gyachung on Unsplash


The Four Dirty C-Words of the Internet

"These c-words are a safe place to hide, and what all new projects need — companies, books, products, etc. — is courage to name what they are and what they want to become. Don’t set yourself up for failure by using fluffy words like content and community. Working around this language will make your ideas stronger and give them a fighting chance to resonate in the world."

Screengrab from the article


A million reasons you should go to Web Summit 2021

"None of us woke up one day and said let's just throw away the past 10 years of building a company and focus on this new thing. However just like any story there was a tipping point. A crucial moment in the history of Treblle. A significant point in time where all of the stars aligned with our ideas and our desires. For us that tipping point was Web Summit 2020."

Screengrab from the article


The creator economy is failing to spread the wealth

"What's happening now with the creator economy mirrors all of the previous waves of digital media economies built before it via social media, blogging and websites.

  • New platforms have long offered hope of empowering smaller voices, only to see the top creators reap the most benefits.
  • Internet theorist Clay Shirky famously dubbed this phenomenon the 'power law distribution' in 2003."
Illustration: Rae Cook/Axios

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