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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Since we can all hopefully agree that the blockchain is the foundation of Web3, where do the crypto and metaverse pieces fit into this puzzle?


The Web3/Crypto/Metaverse Ecosystem Guide — From the Minds of Lightspeed

"You’ve been hearing a lot about crypto and are wondering where to get started. Or maybe if you’re like us, you’ve spent your days, evenings, weekends and holidays getting up to speed. The crypto community is one where the only constant is the pace at which it changes."

“Started From the Blockchain…Now We’re Here” — Blockchain as the Foundation to Web3

"Today’s internet, let’s call it 'Web2', is largely dominated by a handful of tech incumbents which, in many ways, helped pioneer the era of mobile, social, and cloud while pushing the boundaries of technological innovation over this past decade. However, as these companies have reached meaningful scale and influence, the centralized nature of the client-server architecture that most of these companies were built on has also resulted in a number of tradeoffs that have often left users and creators (who are the heart and soul of these businesses) feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with their relationship with these businesses."

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