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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

This week we're learning about different equity types in companies, capital involving the current climate situation, and the imminent state of AI in different industries along with the controversy that could follow.


How equity in tech companies works

"Equity is ownership in the company. It means you get a portion of the proceeds if the company exits (meaning IPOed, sold, or acquired). A company issues different 'instruments' depending on how mature it is and whether it is private or publicly held."


Building Out the Climate Capital Stack

"Now there are many existing infrastructure funds often with billions of dollars. Between 2017 and 2022, the largest 100 infrastructure funds raised nearly $1 trillion. However, these funds tend to be entirely focused on backing well-established projects, such as solar arrays and wind farms."


ChatGPT and how AI could affect live events

"Is AI going to help or complicate (even more) the event business? I'm still waiting to answer right now. We are still too early into the AI game to be very dogmatic. Massive industries like education or healthcare are taking a deeper look into AI and the risks and opportunities it could bring to their industry. AI tutors or AI doctors are being scrutinized in those industries, and, I've participated in some of those conversations."


ChatGPT vs. Superusers – What Our Data Showed

"ChatGPT will clearly have a bigger impact in some communities than others. Communities based around a feeling (sense of community, professional connections, sharing expertise in private) won’t be affected. Theoretically, it can be used to welcome and greet members – but I’m not sure that’s a game-changer."

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