Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Keeping this week's list short & sweet and (finally) adding a couple non-web3 articles into the mix! But first, let's start with some web3 goodness, because why not?


Success of web3 hinges on remedying its security challenges

"In a world where apps do not employ basic security best practices, it is left to users to determine their security posture and trustworthiness, a task that is practically impossible. At a minimum, there need to be better methods to surface risks to users."


Board meeting best practices

If you're sitting on any boards - or hoping to join the board of any company - you should check out this list of handy best practices and kick your game up a notch!


Music videos with a message

"V Tape expresses the inequality and lack of opportunity for this urban Black community – less iconoclastic than This Is America, but focussing on one part of the conversation, and set within a realistic world. 'I wanted to show Black happiness, and how good things happen, and then how sometimes it feels like a nightmare, and your worst fears happen,' Muir explains. 'Finally, I wanted to have some kind of catharsis.'”

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