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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Even though I'm finally back on the ground here in Barcelona at 4YFN & MWC, I wanted to share this cool crypto glossary along with an interesting article I read about VCs focusing more on super early stage dating companies.

Informative & sexy, for the win 😉




A Decade After Tinder And Hinge, VCs Embrace New Crop Of Dating Apps That Aim To Spark Connections Differently

"According to Crunchbase data, there were 43 funding rounds to VC-backed companies in the dating space last year, totaling more than $31 million. The vast majority of companies raised angel, pre-seed and seed rounds (only three were of a different stage–Series A), meaning VC interest in the dating sector last year was focused on the earliest-stage companies."

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