Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

In this week's list we have insights from the guy who raised millions in venture capital, an online moderator game and a list on some creative AI designs.


What I Learned Raising $30M in Venture Capital

"You can define yourself and your company by what you are not, as well. Highlight useful contrasts. We stated that we were not an ICO scam, just SaaS. We were a pretty simple business to conceptualize: We quickly generate accurate tax accounting reports. We are a play on the whole crypto market and the obvious interest that tax authorities will have in that market."

Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash


How can Transactional Analysis theory be applied to community building?

" There can be many examples of “crossed wires” when we communicate in the workplace and our home life. This can also happen in our communities, and that's where conflict can arise - and people may even choose to leave a community."

Moderator Mayhem (Game)


"Until the current wave of generative AI tools changed everything, most people thought of creativity like a genie – a skill that only the fortunate few could summon at will, but which remained elusive for many."

Sustainability: "In this image, I tried to marry the concepts of sustainability and AI. First I visualised AI, represented by the glass cubic structures because to me, AI feels like something structural. Inside the cube are layers of squares and dots. These represent data sets. Once I was happy with it, I started to work on visualising sustainability. I represented it through grass and flowers as it’s something that people can easily relate to and understand." Artist: Nidia Dias
Photo by Google DeepMind / Unsplash

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