Ben's List

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

Ever wondered what happens when the clock runs out? When all else fails? It's a crazy feeling but how else would we know how close we are to slipping off the edge / into the metaverse?


Who are the real “superconnectors” — and why should you become one?

"The term superconnector is a rising buzzword, referring to people who seemingly have bottomless Rolodexes and magical abilities to introduce you to just the right sort of people that you need to grow your business. Some might seemingly be everywhere, always getting lunch with someone interesting, or showing up at the right parties or events. Others do their “superconnecting” mostly online, where they may develop vast social media followings."


The Metaverse Event Platforms Misleading Investors With Crypto and NFT Schemes

"The distinction between legitimate metaverse event platforms and misleading crypto and NFT schemes is getting harder to discern, a troubling development for the event industry.

The industry is certainly not exempt from this 21st century version of the gold rush, complete with a land-grab in the virtual reality space of the metaverse.

Why should the event industry be concerned? It is becoming increasingly difficult to separate legitimate, established VR platforms from those with highly exaggerated (or wholly falsified) capabilities."


Curatorial Governance

"In an age of media overabundance, how we filter information and media is incredibly important for how we actively construct our worldview, as well as for how our worldview is built for us passively. Both the active and passive construction of our worldviews affect how we relate to each other as humans."


How Far API-First Companies Have Come

"When I read this, I thought, ‘wow, all the technology I use is mostly an array of API calls being orchestrated in the background with a simple UI overlay.’ Which made me wonder, how big have the biggest API first companies & products gotten since 2015?"

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