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Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini
Ben's List

This week, we're exploring the brewing "civil war" in Silicon Valley, the future of the creator economy and the critical role that data plays in getting musicians/creators paid.

Venture Capital

Silicon Valley’s Civil War

"In seeking to control the internet as a resource, the United States’ ruling class hamstrung what had been an extraordinary tool for creativity and exploration."

Was staying at an airbnb on twin peaks. I thought the view from my room was fantastic, but then I happened to walk to this place called Christmas Tree point and was just mesmerised. Ended up trekking there again the next day and even record a full sunrise video  of the Silicon Valley. 

This perhaps is one of the most underrated places in SF.

I am not really a photographer and have relied on unsplash community for great photographs…I thought this might be my chance to give back and share this beauty with the larger community.
Photo by Madhur Chadha / Unsplash


Behind the Community: The DM Dinner Club

"This community is already gaining a lot of awareness in the Paris tech ecosystem, so let’s jump in and look at the people, methods, and tools behind the community. Allons-y!"

Reddit, with wigs and ink

"But the impact of print on public opinion was not only to establish a common understanding of the facts. It took hundreds of years for news reporters to develop the concept of objectivity, which did not necessarily mean that one was personally neutral but rather that one had followed a professional procedure to obtain unbiased information."


The Future of the Creator Economy Report 2023

"The future of content creation is evolving, with creators embracing various monetization strategies and the use of AI to enhance their content. As social media platforms continue to offer more monetization options, content creators can expect to see further growth and opportunities in the industry.

Tik Tok on the web
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

The Creators’ Guide to Data

"We get it. Data isn’t exactly rock n’ roll. But it’s the stuff that gets you paid. So if you’re a serious musician, you need to get it right."

Wilco playing in my hotel.
Photo by Travis Yewell / Unsplash

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