Best DeepTech events 2022

Esther Fälemark
Esther Fälemark
Best DeepTech events 2022

Our list of some of the coolest DeepTech startup conferences and events in 2022. Whatever kind of event you're looking for - DeepTech, AI or Innovation - we're here to help!

LSX World Congress 2022

May 10-11 - UK
LSX World Congress gathers the founders and CEOs of innovative startups through to publicly listed life sciences giants, and everyone in between. It represents the breadth and depth of the cutting-edge research and technology driving the advances in the industry right now and in the near future.

IOT Solutions World Congress 2022

May 10-12 - Spain
An event showcasing some game-changing solutions & technologies that are disrupting and transforming the industry. Global players are involved in the digital transformation of companies, exchanges of ideas, experiences and success stories on the benefits for the end-user. Summit

May 17 - Belgium Summit will bring together more than 2,500 European tech startups, scaleup entrepreneurs, executives, investors and corporate innovation leaders. The summit will feature experts from Tech, fintech, digital transformation, e-commerce and marketplaces, health tech, deep tech and AI.

EBAN Cork 2022

May 18-19 - Ireland
The EBAN Annual Congress is one of Europe’s largest international private investment & entrepreneurship events. The event will take place over a three-days, including Investor led workshops, keynotes, pitching sessions, round table workshops etc.

Latitude59 2022

May 19-20 - Estonia
Latitude59 is a great place to be for networking opportunities, in-depth discussions with top international players and opportunity for several pitching rounds for both startups as well as investors, and an overall chance to get together and reflect on the crazy strenuous months behind us and forge new plans for the future.


May 19-21 - France
The ChangeNOW summit is an accelerator event with an aim for a better world. Over 3 days, the summit puts the spotlight on the most concrete and innovative solutions to face some of the World’s biggest challenges.

Rise of AI Conference

June 8 - Germany
Since 2015, the annual Rise of AI conference has connected AI experts, decision-makers, opinion leaders and game changers to discuss Artificial Intelligence for society, politics and the economy.


June 15-16 - Ireland
One of Europe’s fastest-growing Tech conferences, DTS (Dublin Tech Summit) sits at the heart of the international tech scene with some of the biggest global tech companies.

Viva Technology

June 15-18 - France
Acting as a global catalyst for digital transformation and startup growth, VivaTech attracts some of the best innovation actors to ignite positive change in business and society.


June 20-22 - Canada
Collision brings together great speakers in tech’s leading companies, and top media. Join to make meaningful connections, find valuable leads, and get access to premium content.

Big-Data.AI Summit

September 14-15  - Germany
A conference about artificial intelligence and big data in business. Gain actionable insights into scaling intelligent use cases, identify future business opportunities, and find new solutions for data-driven innovations.

Web Summit

November 1-4 - Portugal
Web Summit 2021 brought together 42,000+ people, and companies shaping the tech industry. Meet founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state.

AI for Good Summit

November 10-11 - Canada
Learn about applying artificial intelligence to benefit society and tackle global challenges such as the environment, education, healthcare and sustainability.

Slush 2022

November 17-18 - Finland
Slush 2022 is all about connecting founders with what and whom they need while building a new, inclusive, and more purposeful culture of entrepreneurship.

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