Biohacker Summit 2023

Sanaa Bencheikh
Sanaa Bencheikh
Biohacker Summit 2023

If you want to be at the top of your game then join Biohacker Summit for keynotes, a hands-on exhibition with 60+ brands, a thermogenic spa with ice baths and saunas, engaging workshops, an upgraded dinner, and other side events in the company of top health, productivity and wellbeing experts.

#HumanIntelligence #MentalHealth #Wellbeing #Technology

Have you actually put forward the effort to be your best in life, in order to provide service, with awareness and responsibility to yourself and others?

The goal of expanding consciousness is to obtain a better awareness of yourself, others, and the environment around you. It may assist you in discovering a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, as well as opening you up to new ways of thinking and being.

Personal growth, good nutrition, meditation, new technology, nature connection, body & breathwork, physical challenges such as cold immersion, sensory deprivation, neurofeedback, psychedelics, philosophical questions, and spirituality are all tools that can help expand consciousness.

You will establish a more harmonious relationship with yourself, your work, others, and the environment through expanding consciousness.


Speakers: 40+
Attendees: 2000+
Exhibitors & Sponsors: 60+


Key Topics

Biohacker Summit aims to create a society in which people are enabled to reach their greatest potential and enhance their health and well-being. They aspire to help individuals discover and enhance their lifestyles through their programs and conferences in order to become more productive, creative, and balanced individuals.

The event will present practical and philosophical views to help you become a better version of yourself, whether you're searching for personal improvement, spiritual satisfaction, or simply a fresh perspective on life.

  • BHS is taking over the world for good reason – it’s all about optimizing human performance, healthy lifestyle, and well-being with the help of the latest science, nutrition, technologies, and data-driven self-experiments.
  • You will learn how to improve your performance & health by attending expert-led talks and interactive sessions at this world-renowned summit full of art, science, and technology.
  • You will discover new ways to take your body & mind to the next level by using the latest science & data-driven techniques – so you can feel your best every day.

Practical Information

Date: October 14-15, 2023
‌‌‌‌‌HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands
‌‌‌Language: English


biohackersummit (49€- 1470€)

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