Bits&Pretzels 2022

Zhansaya Sailaubekova
Zhansaya Sailaubekova
Bits&Pretzels 2022

One of Europe's leading founders festivals where 5,000 founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts will gather in Munich for two days full of learning, networking & inspiration.

#entrepreneurship #VC #impact #business #funding


Attendees: 5,000+
Investors: 500+
Exhibitors: 300+
Speakers: 200+
- Eric S. Yuan. Founder & CEO, Zoom
- Daniel Dines. Co-Founder & CEO, UiPath
- Niklas Adalberth. Founder, Norrsken Foundation
- Felix Ohswald. CEO, GoStudent ( name just a few!)

Practical Information

Date: September 25-27, 2022
Location: Internationales Congress Center München
HQ: Munich, Germany
Language: English

Registration (€399)

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