Can solving Climate Change be a real job?

Kristine Kornilova
Kristine Kornilova
Can solving Climate Change be a real job?

“The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest market opportunities,” said Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur and co-founder of Singularity University.

Can you think of a bigger problem than water and food scarcity due to unpredictable weather? Or, shifting electricity consumption to renewable energy in the next ten years? Or the unequal distribution of impact climate change will have? This may sound harsh, but currently it is the reality of our planet.

When thinking about these problems, my heart rate rises and my breath shortens. I feel fear. I know this feeling too well— it's climate anxiety. Sadly, the more I learn about the continuous impact of climate change, the stronger this feeling becomes.

Further into my research, it also became clear that my personal choices like not using a straw, reusing water bottles, or even avoiding unnecessary purchases such as new clothes,  are not going to be enough to combat the climate crisis. These are necessary actions to support it, but we need systematic change at company and government level.

My previous career chapter was in the epicenter of the European startup community. And, at many times, my life’s work felt out of touch with reality. How come startups can raise investment and grow teams, all the while solving truly minor issues? Why are the most competent people not working on the most complex problems?

After pondering the topic for a few years, I have concluded that the best medicine is to take action.

And the best action to take is the one that will have the most significant impact.

If any of this resonates with you, here are directions you can take:

  • You can become the change-maker in your company - take ownership of sustainability or join your company's green team;
  • If you're a company owner, you can shift your company’s focus and prioritize sustainability;
  • You can join sustainability-focused companies - and there are thousands of them at this point;
  • Or, you can take the crazy/stupid road, like I did, and start your own company.

Remember, no one has all the answers for solving climate change— not even the scientists. With a problem of this scale, people from all backgrounds and professions have the opportunity to get involved. Involved in building a successful, fulfilling career while doing good in the world.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

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