Chris O'Brien

Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
Chris O'Brien

In this episode, veteran tech-journalist Chris O'Brien discusses the current state of the media, how startups and tech companies can get a journalists attention, and pig insemination.

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let's talk.

Topics Discussed:

  • Guinness!
  • Leaving France? Ha!
  • Cycling to Brighton
  • Into a lul
  • Guvment money? Ain't got none.
  • Makin' Bagels
  • Fixin' Dryers
  • Good wine and cheese
  • Smith Corona FTW
  • All The President's Men
  • Has digital stripped the ethics out of journalism?
  • Standards have changed
  • The Washington Post; their fair share of clickbate
  • Journalism vs. Marketing. It's the funnel
  • The state of media post Tee rump
  • Blood pressure is down
  • The largest paper in Silicon Valley
  • Seth Meyers and comedic journalism
  • That's Pee Ence.
  • The Lightning Round!

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let's talk.

  • Journoin' ain't easy
  • This show, brought to you by Guinness
  • The narrowing of focus at Venturebeat
  • Dan, now the News Desk Editor at
  • I love PR people, but I hate PR people. I love startups, but I hate startups
  • How to get a  journalist's attention
  • Email isn't gonna work
  • Inbox zero
  • The bigger the number ...
  • A $50 million round? Oh. Ok. Good for you. Next
  • Who, what, when, where, and how much?
  • Google. Apple. Open
  • Build the relationship
  • DigitalK
  • It's about speed
  • Not even looking at email until after noon
  • Email is a black hole
  • The association of pig insemination
  • The French Tech Journal
  • No one in the valley is reading Les Echos
  • Ethan Pierce, Mr. Crypto
  • This is the last episode of this podcast
  • No to no editing
  • Ben pulls Chris to Ghost
  • Get out of your head, dive in, and Just Do It
  • Stumping a journalist

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let's talk.

Where to Find Us:

Find Chris at:

The French Tech Journal


Clubhouse - French Tech News

Find Dan at:

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