5 DeepTech Trends to Watch at Events in 2020

5 DeepTech Trends to Watch at Events in 2020

Big changes are happening in industries all over the world, and Deep Tech is no exception. Discover 5 trends and the events that are reshaping the industry.

The resilience of these companies is being tested with increased demand for innovation and enhanced business value. And if these challenges weren’t enough,  there are a handful of trends which will shape our future and alter our lifestyles.

But what are these trends you ask? Well, let’s dive right in and have a look...

1. Artificial Intelligence

Yes, we’ve all heard about AI. And yes, it will be staying with us for a long time, like it or not. It is definitely a technology of the future and will change the way we live, despite the fact that it’s still developing and currently handles small tasks.

Have you tried already one of the several applications of OpenAI's GPT-3? This new language model uses deep learning to produce human-like text, such as this article.

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2. Quantum Computing

Likewise, a current  “technology of the future”. Big corporations are already making predictions as to when the first commercially available quantum computer will be released, and according to IBM, we’re looking at a 5 year (or so) timeline.

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3. Autonomous Vehicles

Building on the technologies developing within AI, self-driving vehicles are already on the road. The technologies present in these vehicles have seen tremendous development in a rather short time period.

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4. Dark Web

Crypto, Tor, and dark markets have all contributed to the rise of Dark Web usage. This hidden underbelly of the Web is a perfect place to launch cyber threats and attacks from. Previously a luxury, rapidly becoming a necessity, technology detecting and fighting back against these attacks is a rising trend.

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5. Innovative Materials

As we rethink the usage of resources consumed in manufacturing processes, industries are pushing new boundaries with smart, 3D printed, and/or more recyclable materials.

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As the history of humankind demonstrates, if nothing else, we are resilient.

Humans have used technology, for better or for worse, to alter their course since the dawn of time.

We believe that these 5 trends are the “ones to watch” and that will help shape the next epoch of human development.

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