ETH Barcelona 2023

Sanaa Bencheikh
Sanaa Bencheikh
ETH Barcelona 2023

ETHBarcelona is a well-known and unique conference/festival, with different opportunities to engage with the most forward-thinking individuals in the blockchain business.

#Blockchain #Innovation #cryptocurrency #Education

ETHBarcelona is also a community-led passion project that celebrates the community and its principles by focusing on the Ethereum blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization. It is concerned with education, innovation, art, and making a beneficial social influence. The objective is to provide individuals with the tools they need to advance their understanding of blockchain technology and learn how to establish initiatives that have a positive influence on society.


Key topics:

  • Expand your network, share your projects, learn from the best and build your network
  • Explore new and different subjects around: Blockchains, cryptos, NFT, Bitcoin
  • Take advantage of a number of conferences: Several lectures, conferences, and round tables featuring experts in immersive technology, virtual worlds, and blockchains.
  • Learn from the seminars, conversations, and networking opportunities
  • Enjoy the art displays, musical performances, and unique activities to make your experience at ETHBarcelona as enjoyable as possible.

Practical Information

Date: July 5-7, 2023
‌‌‌HQ: Barcelona, Spain
‌‌‌Language: English


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