European Women in Technology 2023

Sanaa Bencheikh
Sanaa Bencheikh
European Women in Technology 2023

Connect with tech leaders, diversity advocates and change makers diving into the New Frontier. Experience Inspirational keynotes, unrivalled networking opportunities and gain access to the insight you need to be more effective in your role, your team and to drive change within your organization.

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As we move from resilience to future building blocks, European women in Technology will look at the most important technology in today's rapidly evolving environment, as well as the new innovative concepts in business and the workforce that are profoundly altering our future.

Solve problems, create new opportunities and be a part of Europe’s next tech movement.


Speakers: 250+
Attendees: 4500+
Expert-led sessions: 250+  
Exhibitors: 100+


Key Topics

During EWT, company founders and operators encounter leaders from different sectors and disciplines in addition to one another. Join in the effort to help people and organizations prepare for the future.

  • Gain insight: Learn in-demand skills, as well as the most recent technological insights and trends, through specialized deep-dive workshops, masterclasses, and keynotes.
  • Elevate: As we move into the New Frontier, discover how to springboard your way back to a better, stronger, more dynamic career path.
  • Connect: Expand your network by engaging with some of Europe's brightest minds in a variety of unrivaled networking opportunities. Whether you want to exchange ideas, advance your career, or start a discussion, they've made it simple for you to meet the people that matter. Make the most of their networking opportunities by meeting industry influencers and cross-industry leaders.
  • Be inspired: Their incredible speakers will share their experiences, struggles, and tips to motivate and encourage you on your path.
  • Interactive workshops: Premium ticket holders will gain access to 60+ workshops across the 2 days, providing an opportunity to get hands on and deep dive into soft and technical topics. Expect activities and interactive elements designed by their expert speakers.
  • FinTech quarter: Europe’s FinTech revolution is surging, with an ongoing rise from fresh start-ups and banks responding with big shifts to digital. Hear from the leaders and innovators accelerating trends in banking, payments and investment.

Practical Information

Date: June 28-29, 2023
‌‌‌‌‌HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands
‌‌‌Language: English


europeanwomenintech (199€- 825€)

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