Expand North Star 2023

Alexis Cline
Alexis Cline
Expand North Star 2023

Across four days Expand North Star will present some of the world’s best startups from over 100 countries, welcome 1000 VCs to raise funds and scout for their portfolio, and deliver unprecedented content program debating the big stories of 2023.

#innovation #business #social #entrepreneurship

As the startup industry grows, more players of the ecosystem are looking for one place to find limitless connections. In response to this growth, North Star is evolving into Expand North Star, and is focused on diversifying and capitalizing on the rising international interest in the UAE startup ecosystem.

A Global Audience:

  • 56,100 visitors from the MIDDLE EAST (33%)
  • 35,700 visitors from AFRICA (21%)
  • 34,000 visitors from ASIA (20%)
  • 30,600 visitors from EUROPE (18%)
  • 13,600 visitors from the AMERICAS (8%)

What's Happening:

  • Fast 100 Series
  • Creative Economy
  • Spotlight Stage
  • Innovation Cups
  • Ventures Track
  • North Star by Night

Practical information

Date: October 15 - 18, 2023
Location: Dubai Harbour
‌‌‌Language: English



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