Deep Dive into IAA MOBILITY 2021

Sruthi Kolukuluri
Sruthi Kolukuluri
Deep Dive into IAA MOBILITY 2021

One of the largest and most modern mobility events in the world, IAA MOBILITY 2021 is a perfect fit at a time when Europe has set out to be the world's first climate-neutral continent.

A transformation of the former Frankfurt Motor Show, the Munich Mobility Show features mobility solutions from the automotive, digital, urban, and bike sectors. From big corporates to small innovative startups, there will be a presentation of new concepts and an invitation for visitors to debate on the right path to a climate-neutral future including all aspects of mobility.  

In conversation with Simon Bellin, heading the Startup Program for IAA MOBILITY 2021, we've gathered everything you need to know about the event.

Photo courtesy of IAA MOBILITY 2021

What is the format of the event?

Bringing together 230+ speakers, and 7,800+ journalists from 80 different countries around the world, the IAA MOBILITY 2021 is one of the largest mobility events in 2021. It covers a wide range of topics from Electric vehicles in space to the E-volution of Automobile Mobility in 2030 and the likes.

The event has 4 main pillars:

  1. IAA MOBILITY Summit - Trade visitors and experts from all over the world come together to share information on innovative mobility solutions and global innovations. Automotive suppliers, over 75 startups, and leading high-tech & IT companies will be represented in addition to the big-name carmakers.
  2. IAA MOBILITY Open Space - World premieres and new developments from leading automobile and bicycle manufacturers will be presented for the first time in the center of Munich. This space will be open to everybody without the need for a ticket.
  3. IAA MOBILITY Conference - Inspiration will be provided by over 500 international speakers from the mobility and digital industries, scientists, and representatives of the political sector and NGOs
  4. IAA MOBILITY Blue Lane - In the Blue Lane, new products can be experienced live on a test route including the segments "Road", "Bike", "Micro", "Underground", and "Future".
Photo courtesy of IAA MOBILITY 2021

Programs offered at the event

On top of the presentations at the booth, the IAA Conference offers a high-class speaker and topic line up with more than 500 C-Level speakers from different mobility industries. Covering topics from the Last Mile, Rural and Urban Mobility to City development, Urban planning, eSports/Gaming up to one of the main topics: Sustainability. The conference will take place on 4 stages at the Munich Expo Center.

In the city center right at the world-famous Marienplatz, the Citizen Lab, a place for discussing mobility issues and topics with the citizens will be hosted. A dialogue platform for all opinions and solutions.

Photo courtesy of IAA MOBILITY 2021

Which program has the most scope of benefit for startups?

The Summit is highly relevant for startups, as they will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals but also media.

By Friday afternoon at 2 pm, the entire Summit area will be accessible for B2C visitors too. Here startups can collect valuable first-hand user feedback and might also get in touch with potential partners. There will be a startup lounge and stage, where the startups will be able to pitch and present their ideas and innovation.

What makes your event stand out?

The first international gathering of the automotive and mobility industry in the last 1.5 years; IAA MOBILITY 2021 is what everyone has been looking forward to; finally meeting each other in person.

While the B2B part will take place at the Munich Expo Center, the B2C part will come to the citizens and the center of Munich. This gives an opportunity to present solutions, brands, technology, and entertainment right in the heart of Munich by using the best-known public spaces for the public part of IAA MOBILITY.

Photo courtesy of IAA MOBILITY 2021

Interesting exhibitors to look forward to

With a huge bandwidth, there is immense scope for many exhibitors to make the list. Specifically speaking, the presentations of the big car brands in the city center are interesting as they won't have a traditional product-oriented booth but will focus on brand, purpose, interaction, and experience.

Adding to that, a large number of bike companies at the Hofgartenstrasse and Marstallplatz will allow you to test the latest eBikes and pedelecs in the nearby English Garden or the inner city bike lanes.

The major highlight, however, will be the startup areas. This is the first time, that IAA is putting a major focus on startups and this is only the beginning. Mobility is a megatrend and therefore one of the biggest innovation fields of the future. And most of the time innovation is coming from startups making it one of the most interesting areas to look at.

Photo courtesy of IAA MOBILITY 2021

Major value addition for investors in the event

As an investor, you get an easy overview as the startups are not spread out individually throughout the venue but located in the startup spaces.

Some of the partners will be hosting special startup programs: e.g. Bits & Pretzels will be hosting a Founders Day and a Founders Night on September 9th.

PwC will organize the “Next Level Start-Up Challenge" on September 7th at the Sustainability Lounge presented by PwC.

BMW has announced that their startup project will be presented during IAA MOBILITY.

Photo courtesy of IAA MOBILITY 2021 

To conclude, why should we attend IAA MOBILITY 2021?

  • The cross-over of industries is absolutely new and up to date/state of the art.
  • The event will take place physically. After 1.5 years of online conferences and online tradeshows, the urge for real meetings is huge.
  • The startup areas are not somewhere located in the back of a hall but all located in prime locations. Hence, visitor flow is guaranteed!

Want to be a part of one of the most modern mobility events in the world?
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This article was produced in collaboration with IAA MOBILITY

Startup Sesame has teamed up with IAA MOBILITY 2021 to let more startup founders and investors know about the upcoming event.

[Editor’s note: This is a sponsored article written by our marketing team but financially supported by another organization, in this case, IAA Mobility. Contact us to learn more about our sponsored posts, and if you are interested in partnering with us.]

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