Immersive Tech Week 2023

Sloane Kratzman
Sloane Kratzman
Immersive Tech Week 2023

Immersive Tech Week, hosted by VRDays Europe Foundation, unites 150+ XR experts for dynamic discussions, networking, and trend-shaping in the metaverse and immersive tech space.

#Web3 #VR #VentureCapital

Key Topics:

  • VR, AR, XR, AI, the metaverse, Web3, Web4, haptics, and more!
  • Each day focuses on the implementation of immersive technology in various industries: healthcare, education, life sciences, creative industries, and media.

Practical Information:

Date: November 28- December 1, 2023
Location: de Doelen, Schouwburgplein 50 3012 CL Rotterdam
‌‌‌Language: English/Dutch

Registration: (29€-499€)

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