Infobip Shift - 2023

Charles Nemer
Charles Nemer
Infobip Shift - 2023

It's a 2-day multistage hybrid conference dedicated to people passionate about software, continuing the tradition of delivering interactive, engaging, and exciting content.

#Cryptocurrency #Startup #developer #entrepreneurship

Expect multiple tracks, learn from extraordinary minds, engage in virtual experiences, prospect from exhibit hall, and expand your network on afterparties. Everything brought to you by Infobip and Shift.


10,000+Virtual Attendees

4,000+In-Person Attendees


6 Stages


Infobip Shift 2023 will draw more than 4000 attendees from all over the world, and you have the chance to present your company to them on our EXPO floor. Become an exhibitor and let us help you grow your visibility, build your business, and find high-quality leads – all in the unique and relaxed atmosphere of Infobip Shift.

Ticket: shift.infobip

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