Do we need to wait until 2030 for the IoS?

Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira
Do we need to wait until 2030 for the IoS?

Why settle for only sight & sound when it comes to consuming media? What kind of new experiences can (and will) be imagined by incorporating smell, touch and taste?

My goal today is to bring you to an incoming reality where the media can stream perfumes, tastes, sensations of touch and much more.

Imagine this scenario, while writing this article I'm drinking a very intense espresso- how cool would it be if now while you are reading this, you could experience my current mood and be immersed into my sensorial reality; being able to smell the roasted coffee beans in the air while also feeling the powerful caffeine rush along with me?

That's a very small example of what the Internet of Senses (IoS) is all about. Let me show you another case, a more powerful one: imagine something you've always dreamed about, but for some reason (like current covid lockdowns) you were unable to experience it...for sure it happened. What if there was an online marketplace that could teleport and embody your “self” into an immersive and interactive experience that was more than just audio and video?

Wouldn't you call it a dream? We're almost there...

So wake up! What is the IoS? Generally speaking, the IoS is based on a very simple concept: you will be able to use your five senses while interacting with the 'internet.'

The topic of senses, it's so natural in a way, indeed it's in our DNA. To illustrate this point we just need to observe how babies, as newcomers to the physical world, mostly learn about objects by instinctively putting it in their mouths! And until now, our online existence has not allowed us to practice or experience digital “mouthing.” Why?

The same goes for smell and odors where science has already proven a direct link and trigger to enhance memories.

But still, few people are using it for the IoS.

Here again, I highlight few people or companies, because if you go online and Google it, you'll basically find one great report from Ericsson along with thousands of copycats with imprecise information.

According to Ericsson's report, the IoT will be supplanted by the internet of senses by 2030…
Some people will say never!
Some, like me and hopefully like you, will say let's do it faster!

The fact is, what may be seen as a very limited industry, indeed it's not, and there's already an exponential trend that (hopefully) may be more visible soon. Not only visible but also touched, smelled and tasted.

Jokes aside, in order to keep the Internet of Senses vibrant and in the spotlight, I'll start sharing more articles here at Selected by Sesamers - highlighting relevant projects, concepts, ideas, industry thought leaders and events around the topic of Internet of Senses and Immersive Experiences to help you avoid the FOMO.

So to answer the initial question - do we need to wait until 2030 for the Internet of the Senses? No, we don't need to wait until 2030. It's here, and I'm looking forward to sharing more about it in upcoming articles - one sense at a time 😎

In the meantime, here are 2 upcoming events that you may be interested in checking out:

Solstice Hannan - unsplash

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