Metaverse Summit 2022

Metaverse Summit 2022

Metaverse Summit is set to explore and build the future of the metaverse by gathering entrepreneurs, investors and experts from 3D, VFXGaming, VR, AR, Web3 and beyond.

#3D #AR #VR #gaming #web3 #metaverse


Attendees: 2,000+
Speakers: 100+
Exhibitors: 30+
Community members: 10,000+
Key tracks:
- Social & Digital Identity
- WEB3 & Decentralisation
- Gaming & Interactivity
- Mixed Reality & Virtual World

Practical Information

Date: July 16-17, 2022
Location: Station F, 5 Parv. Alan Turing, 75013 Paris
‌‌‌HQ: Paris, France
‌‌‌Language: English

Registration (119€ - 1,299€)

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