Nancy Fechnay

Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
Nancy Fechnay

In this episode, we sit down with veteran venture capitalist Nancy Fechnay to discuss her focus on female founders and the announcement of an all-new syndicate with Joanne Bradford and Zem Joaquin. And the mushrooms in Bali.

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Topics Discussed:

  • The Grateful Dead
  • World Exclusive: Partner of a new female-led syndicate focused 100% on positive impact investing with Joanne Bradford (President of Honey) and Zem Joaquin (Founder of the Near Future Summit)
  • Podcasts are chronicles of history.
  • This is not a political podcast
  • AVG/Towerview Ventures
  • Nancy is never retiring
  • J&J - one shot
  • AstraZeneca - 48 hours, 24 hours of sleep
  • "I'll get to Japan one day"
  • All you can do is laugh, otherwise you'd cry
  • SXSW
  • This ain't no SaltLick
  • "Hey, that's Elon Musk!"
  • Waddup with Flight Ventures?
  • Deploying 1 to 2 ┬ádeals/week
  • So cool, we don't need a website
  • "I can give you a decision in the next 5 minutes if you can tell me X, Y, and Z"
  • Notion boards as a website
  • Nancy is in the minority
  • Why are there so few women in VC
  • Men make less money. For VCs.
  • There are fewer female founders because:
  • There are fewer role models
  • 3% of venture-backed companies are female-led
  • Females tend to choose a more stable career path
  • Pitch decks
  • Balancing the scales, I'm good with that
  • Dogs, Speeding Cars, and Airplanes
  • What are the biggest challenges you face as a female in the venture world?
  • 10 years ago vs. now
  • Mislead
  • Stats. Lots of stats
  • Why should I be investing in men?
  • Investing in minorities
  • Nancy and SPACs. No. Just ... no
  • What can we do to get more women founding more companies?
  • Are you doing any mentoring in the venture world?
  • Harlem Capital
  • The Lightning Round!

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let's talk.

  • How is venture capital going to change the world?
  • It's not
  • How do you do at the horse track?
  • Nancy has ridiculously high returns
  • You're going to want to run those numbers again Nancy
  • The mushrooms in Bali are pretty good I hear
  • AVG - The most active fund most people have never heard of
  • No, I said SPACs
  • Raising funds and deploying funds every year
  • Non-stop fundraising
  • VC hasn't changed since the 1960's
  • AVG. We follow, we don't lead. Which means we can do more deals
  • What does world positive mean to you?
  • Who should I be investing in right now?
  • We're live right now
  • Databento
  • I'm not falling asleep - I'm lamenting what I've done with my life
  • Stole. No no no, that's "brought her friends with her"
  • Ellipsis Health
  • What are you looking for in a pitch?
  • Team
  • Hook
  • Product / Solution
  • Customers and Traction
  • Market Size
  • Competition / Differentiator
  • Details / Roadmap
  • Other investors and what the terms are
  • Gut instinct
  • Taproombuddy!
  • Voiceover on the deck
  • Get a DATA ROOM!
  • FAQ for investors
  • Gimme a piechart and a breakdown
  • Make friends with a photographer before you approach a VC
  • Nancy's gotta go move $300 million out the door
  • Nancy's other
  • Excited to be back in the U.S.
  • Off to the Gal├ípogos
  • My mom and a couple of other people
  • Make friends with investors
  • TikTok and a Spring Chicken

Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let's talk.

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