NORDEEP Summit 2023

Charlie Nemer
Charlie Nemer
NORDEEP Summit 2023

NORDEEP stands as one of the foremost global summit dedicated to deep tech businesses. The objective is to provide a unified platform that offers deep tech startups all the essential elements they require: financial backing, expert guidance, talented individuals, and prospective clients.

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The NORDEEP Summit provides a comprehensive platform that addresses the essential requirements of any deep tech startup: financial support, expert guidance, skilled individuals, and potential customers. By bringing together these crucial elements, the summit fosters an environment for quality networking, establishing meaningful business connections, and achieving tangible returns on investments. Given the significant challenges humanity currently confronts, there is an urgent need to enhance the expansion and commercial viability of research endeavors in order to effectively tackle these problems. The NORDEEP Summit plays a vital role in supporting and linking deep tech ecosystems on a global scale, thereby facilitating the advancement of these collective efforts.

Practical information

Date: October 11 - 12, 2023
Location: Dipoli, Espoo, Finland
‌‌‌Language: English

Registration (199€-649€)

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