PAKCon 2022

Vanessa Cheng
Vanessa Cheng
PAKCon 2022

The Project A Knowledge Conference (PAKCon) 2022 is a one-day in-person conference for anyone who seeks to change the world of startups and venture capital. The conference aims to bring the European tech ecosystem to the next level by connecting founders, operators and corporations.

#digital #investment #operations #marketing #network #startups


Attendees: 2,700+
Speakers: 165+
Masterclasses: 95+
Hours of Content: 35+


Inspirational sessions
Meet recruiters
Networking & meetups
PAKCon night

Practical Information

Date: October 07, 2022
Location: Kino in der Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin
Language: English

Registration (300€)

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