Vanessa Cheng
Vanessa Cheng

PUZZLE X is a platform that convene the most bleeding-edge of Frontier Tech for a more sustainable and prosperous future. This event brings industry leaders and innovators from all different domains to discuss the future of cities, industries and societies enabled by Frontier Tech.

#mobility #5G #energy #IoT #infrastructure


Attendees: 15,000
Stakeholders: 1,100
Countries: 57
C-suite & decision makers: 40%

Key topics

  • Good health - an inspiring curation of discussions, panels, showcases focusing on Frontier Materials advances in ultra precise machine-brain interfaces, implants and next-gen sensors and diagnostics
  • Climate action - a series of thought provoking debates, fireside chats and viewpoints diving deep into the "carbon" role, light weighting and fuel reduction, carbon capture and the heavy price of data and super computing
  • Sustainable cities - reimagining stakeholder engagement in dynamic physical tracks in partnership with Smart City Expo World Congress. Focusing on topics such carbon circularity, IOT, recycling, sanitation innovation
  • Industry, innovation - engaging industry leaders on topics such as smart materials for smart connected building, the next leap in manufacturing with nanomaterials and materials innovation enabling space exploration

Practical information

Date: November 11 - 17, 2022
Location: Fira Gran Via, Barcelona
Language: English


www.puzzlex.io (200€-1,500€)

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