Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 003

Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 003

International MC and Speaker, DanRam joins us this week to discuss the current state of affairs when it comes to the event industry.

DanRam is a force of nature. This guy has more energy, and brings it time after time after time to stages and audiences around the world. Whether it's live and in person, or live and in studio as we're seeing today, DanRam is the Man.

The Pandemic is changing everything we knew, thought we knew, and are still yet to know about the live event industry. How are people adapting? Is it working? Who's leading the charge right now, and who's falling behind?

Having recently completed a 7 week tour of 20 cities, hosting 17 virtual events (and staying healthy), DanRam is an unparalleled resource.

And I had the good fortune to sit down and talk with him, and hit record.

All this and more in Episode 003 of Selected.

Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - Episode 003 Show Notes

2:27 - DanRam Walks us through:

  • his schedule over the past 7 weeks, which saw 20 cities and 17 virtual events
  • the ins and outs of international travel and COVID testing
  • the BEST and SAFEST mode of transport
  • and airlines going bankrupt, and what that means for your safety

10:52 - Dan and DanRam get into Virtual Events.

11:03 - Why you need an MC for your virtual event.

12:50 - The biggest difference between live and virtual from and MC's point of view.

16:15 - The current state of the quality of speakers.

20:50 - Software tool recommendations from DanRam

22:00 - {Break} The Selected Salon 002 {/Break}

23:30 - DanRam's adaptations and home studio upgrades

29:00 - Paul Papadimitriou. Again.

30:23 - What is a Hybrid event and how to we best utilize the format?

30:44 - Serendipity in Virtual?

31:26 - Opportunities in Virtual that aren't present in real-world events.

35:40 - Dan's million dollar idea that's going to get him a house on Hawaii.

36:03 - DanRam mentions the competition already operating in the space.

38:38 - {Break}

39:02 - DanRam's advice for startups who are pitching from their desk.

41:30 - Speed round questions with DanRam.

41:49 - DanRam SINGS!

42:08 - Who is killing it in the virtual space right now?

46:08 - DanRam takes us out.

Find him at:

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