Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 004

Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 004

International MC, Speaker, and Strategic Consultant Paul Papadimitriou joins us this week to discuss events, the vaccines and what the vaccine passport will look like.

Due to a technical difficulty (read: the spinning beachball of death) the Selected Podcast is slightly late this week, and big thanks go out to Papa Paul for donating not one, but TWO of his afternoons. 🙏🏻

Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - Episode 004 Show Notes

2:45 - I used to be a professional opera singer

4:40 - I fall asleep

5:55 - Thanksgiving creep

7:38 - The rozzers show up

10:06 - "Halloween in Japan is pretty mad!"

11:00 - Paul's "other"

13:48 - How Stuff Works

14:52 - Details on a very special giveaway from myself

18:12 - Coffee with Sesamers and why and how it's grown into a valuable resource for event organizers

19:43 - "You remember how someone or something made you feel."

24:40 - Papa Alpha Papa Alpha Delta India Mike India Tango Romeo India Oscar Uniform

25:51 - How to make your Zoom calls better

39:30 - Break

41:00 - Discussing airlines and aviation

46:14 - What British Airways is selling off. (Hint - I WANT one for Christmas)

48:41 - Paul takes us into what the future of flying will look like and how your vaccines are going to allow (or not) you to board

59:09 - Inequality in vaccine distribution

60:00 - Break

62:58 - What I've always wanted to do while Paul's on stage

64:22 - The time I stopped a presentation, called bullshit on myself and got real

65:57 - What should organizers be planning for 2021.

70:00 - Visual consultants will be KEY! #callme

75:53 - I'm smelling the turkey

76:00 - Final thoughts from Papa Paul

80:00 - Where to find Paul

81:22 - This has been the Selected Podcast, I AM Dan Taylor, and I. Am. Outta Here.

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