Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 006

Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 006

Seasoned event speaker and attendee Raph Crouan joins us to discuss the current state of Travel, Live Events, and the Venture Capital Landscape.

This week's guest, Monsieur Raph Crouan, comes in as a double header.

A seasoned veteran of the tech event space, Raph recently had the opportunity to blaze new trails, as he saddled up and headed off to Dubai to attend GITEX 2020. He gives as a rundown of the entire experience and what the future of "live" events holds.

Likewise, Raph breaks down the state of Venture Capital in the midst of a global pandemic, what happened at the onset, what's been going on, and his outlook for the future.

He also humoured your humble author and host with a brake down what Venture Capital is exactly and what function it serves in the entire ecosystem.

"So if I get this straight,  wealthy people give you their money to gamble with?" - Dan Taylor

Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - Episode 006 Show Notes

0:01 - NEW intro music!

1:01 - A very mysterious DJ

1:43 - Je parle un petit peu de Français

2:29 - What's been goin' on?

2:55 - Arthur C. Clarke didn't see this one coming did he?

3:18 - Maybe the Monolith got COVID?

3:28 - Raph's "other"

4:38 - The PERFECT podcast length. 35 to 40 minutes. #nailedit

5:00 - Raph is quarantined

5:24 - Git Ex? GeeTex? Guy Tex?

5:39 - "It was freaking awesome to be at an event"

6:42 - #exitrowposse

7:08 - Heathrow is full

8:20 - Travel feels like you're going back in time

8:50 - Welcomed by Aliens

9:22 - Full plane, full house, full mask

10:12 - No entry to the UAE without a negative COVID test result

11:06 - It's up the nose!

12:54 - Raph wants to go running. In 29° heat. ... Not so much.

14:53 - The state of GITEX (and live events)

16:40 - Crowded? Cramped in your space?

17:20 - A quarter of the normal numbers, and double the amount of space

20:08 - Was there an advantage of physically being at the event?

21:30 - Did you meet new individuals?

22:13 - Peace in the Middle East

22:39 - Will the "old" event world ever return?

24:37 - BREAK

25:42 - What function does Venture Capital serve in the startup ecosystem?

27:16 - Wealthy people give you their money to gamble with?

28:05 - Juan Pablo Escobar as LP?

28:20 - You're doling out the money, you're constantly looking to refill the tank.

28:44 - 5 years period of investment, 10 years of the fund.

29:26 - What are you looking for these days?

30:45 - Is there a magic formula?

32:00 - Where are you looking to get your data to make a sound investment?

33:07 - Where do I sign up? I want to be a VC!

33:20 - How has the market reacted to COVID? How has the VC world changed?

33:46 - The three stages of VC reaction.

36:15 - The startups that got MORE money from investors due to the pandemic.

36:44 - What gets Raph out of bed in the morning.

37:57 - Where to find Raph on TikTok.

38:30 - This HAS been the Selected Podcast, I AM Dan Taylor, and I. Am. Outta here.

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