Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 008

Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
Selected - The Sesamers Podcast - 008

Beam of Sunshine Robin Wauters swoops by the studio this week to talk about his bout with the 'vid, his struggles with making sense of the present, and why NOW is the best time to be an entrepreneur.

Robin teaches Dan how to properly pronounce entrepreneur, and Snoop Dogg makes an appearance. All this and more on Episode 008!

Additional topics discussed:

  • Robin's hobbies (that appear to be work, but Robin views as hobbies).
  • The rollout of vaccines.
  • Robin's 40th Birthday party (That's been postponed, but you all are invited).
  • Is Foursquare still around?
  • Robin wants to watch the forceful removal of Trump from the White House.
  • Why Robin wants to see Trump create a media company.
  • Belgian Beer!
  • "Not too heavy, not too light, just the way we like our ... beer."
  • Robin's "other".
  • Forced to buy gear.
  • What has changed the most for during the pandemic?
  • Robin sucks at predictions.
  • Buy Bitcoin. Don't buy Bitcoin.
  • Startup Lens Europe - What is it? Why?
  • Entrepreneur? Entrepreeeeeneuuuuur? Entre pren eur.
  • It's the best time ever to be an entrepreneur.
  • The best industries to work in as an entrepreneur.
  • Early stage funding has dried up quite a bit. But everything beyond is booming.
  • Damn this is a good reminder!
  • Online events - mediocre.
  • Events in 2021. Is the industry dead?
  • Smaller is better.
  • I miss SXSW.
  • Dan's attendence at Snoop Dogg's secret show.
  • Robin meets David Silverman (The Simpsons) and Darla K. Anderson (Monsters Inc.).
  • Snoop is gettin' virtual (with it).
  • Mo' money Mo problems.
  • The 2020 Virtual Event Awards.
  • Content is a sideshow.
  • To The Point - Robin's upcoming Virtual Event Series.
  • Old Men Doing Podcasts.

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