Pitch your Startup in September 2020

Pitch your Startup in September 2020

One of the best ways to connect with investors is visiting events with dedicated startup tracks and networking opportunities. These 5 events in September 2020 are totally worth attending!

Pirate LIVE

Pirate LIVE is a five-day event welcoming all stakeholders of the global startup ecosystem to connect, learn, get inspired and interact. In cooperation with Startup Safari Rhineland you are given an authentic behind the scenes look into the daily work of entrepreneurs.

When? August 31st - September 4th, 2020


UPPSTART is a virtual tech startup conference with over 20 tracks. It is made for entrepreneurs, startups, students, industry professionals and those supporting or interested in the tech startup ecosystem.

When? September 4th, 2020

France Digitale Day

France Digitale is one of the leading startup organizations in Europe. The association represents more than 1,500 French digital entrepreneurs and investors, and their main mission is to enable the emergence of future European digital champions. Meet investors during the event in Paris and get funded!

When? September 15th, 2020

TechBBQ Digital

TechBBQ looks at how the tech ecosystem can learn from these last few months to prepare for future crises. With this in mind, they will especially emphasize how we should and can be better at inspiring, lifting, and learning from each other for the ultimate purpose of empowering community collaboration.

When? September 17th - 18th, 2020

InfoShare Online Conference

Take a break from everyday office reality and dig deeper into technology development with Infoshare. Learn what’s the future of technology and how should you prepare for it. Meet with like-minded developers and experts and make new contacts with people from the industry.

When? September 23rd - 25th & 28th - 30th

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