Sesamers on Tour: Africa Recap

Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson
Sesamers on Tour: Africa Recap

On May 4th, we collaborated with Afrobytes to learn about the Tech ecosystem in Africa. Keep reading to see the full video and program highlights.

See the full program of the session here.

Tech in Africa: a success story of growth

This session looked at the story of Africa from to where it was to where it is heading, we gathered three African tech experts to tell the story of Africa's success in tech growth.

34:25 The rise of Fintech in Francophone Africa

Going down to the Ivory Coast, we had a fireside chat with the CEO of CinetPay, an online payment and money transfer solution that allows companies and institutions in French Speaking Africa to accept payments by mobile money, e-wallets and bank cards.

Interested in finding out more about Francophone Africa’s tech challenges and opportunities? Check out this article by Chris O’Brien.

49:20 African voices on the global stage

As the tech scene in Africa expands to the global stage, we need to ensure that these new voices are heard. This segment discussed how to bring African voices on the global stage.


Thank you so much to our partner Afrobytes and La French Tech for their involvement in Sesamers on Tour.

Who is Afrobytes?

Afrobytes brings together entrepreneurs, business executives, CEOs, academics, innovators, investors, venture capitalists, tech enthusiasts and media to explore business opportunities between the African tech ecosystem and players in the global tech world.

Who is La French Tech Cape Town - Johannesberg?

The Southern African network of a worldwide tech community, driven by talented entrepreneurs and supported by the French government. We help and inspire growth to Startups in South Africa, accelerate their development, educate their people & more.

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